Transsuezpassage: Athens-Dubai and Dubai-Athens





Dubai is the second largest city of the seven Emirates and is known as the "City of Merchants" for its long history of trade. Be surprised by its unique blend of East and West, a fascinating medley of Oriental charm and Western modernity. The tour will start with a transfer to a point near the famous 5-star hotel Burj al Arab, to get some amazing photos from the outside. Next, you will go by Sheikh Zayed Road to the Dubai Museum, located in Fort Al Fahidi from the 18th century. In the museum, you will find some screens that represent several scenes that provide a fascinating view of the historical links of the city with the trade and the collection of pearls. After visiting the museum, a visit to the souq of aromatic spices and the extensive gold souk awaits you, where you can buy exquisite gold jewelry at lower prices than anywhere else in the world.


Be captivated by the beauty of one of the largest mosques in the world, the Grand Mosque of Muscat, where exquisite candlesticks and large carpets stand out above all other objects of this sacred place. Then you will discover a little more about the culture of the area at the Bait Zubair museum, which started life as a house in 1914. Later you can travel to the past as you visit the old town of Muscat. You will then walk to the Mirani and Jalali fortresses; the latter has been renovated as a museum to display and share aspects of Omani royalty. You can also tour around the Al Alam Palace. Finally, you will visit the oldest souk in Oman. The town of Muttrah is a mixture of an ancient souk and an eighteenth-century trading house. Enjoy some shopping time among its stalls before returning to the port.

*In order to visit Grand Mosque, shoulders and knees should be covered (no shorts, tank tops and sandals or flip-flops will be allowed). When not respecting the dress code, women can rent a traditional tunic (abaya) and a headscarf (shayla) not included in the price of the excursion.


Thanks to this tour, you will get to know the emblematic places of the Musandam Peninsula and its capital, Khasab. At the pier, a coach that will take you to the 17th century bastion that the Portuguese raised when they dominated the maritime trade in the Strait of Hormuz will pick you up. Its key location gives a view of the coast worthy of being photographed. Then you will reach Bukha, which borders the emirate of Ras al Khaima. During the trip, make sure to photograph the spectacular landscapes of this region. In Bukha, you will enter its fortress that will allow you to contemplate a beautiful landscape of contrasts. Before returning to the port, you will stop at the Great Mosque.


Do you like the beach or sightseeing in a city with history? We offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy both in Salalah. Start the day enjoying the unparalleled views of Mushsail beach as the blue ocean and white sand form a sight worthy of admiration. If the tide is high, you will see the water spray high from its famous geyser, located at the end of The Rocky Beach. After this experience, you head off on a course towards a valley that offers a contrasts for its desert appearance while also being the home of the famous trees of frankincense, Boswellia Sacra. Finally, you will visit a sacred place for the Islamic tradition and for some of the Jewish faith - the tomb of Nabi Imran, the father of the Virgin Mary. You can also take a walk through the old souk of Haffah. You will love browsing its little shops and you can pick up a nice souvenir from Oman to take back home.

* To visit this monument, women must go with their body covered and wearing a headscarf; Men must wear long trousers and a short or long sleeve shirt.

€120,- Adults,  €105,- Children




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