Pre-cruise information

Here you’ll find some important information about your voyage with Pullmantur Cruises:

  • Age restrictions: Passengers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, a grandparent or a legal representative. Please note that the legal guardians are responsible for the security and the behavior of minor passengers on board.
  • Beverages: The All-Inclusive-Package is already included in your cruise fare. With this package, alcoholic drinks (beer, wine, popular spirits and cocktails) and non-alcoholic drinks (sodas, juices, coffee, tea) are available at the bars free of charge. In addition, Pullmantur Cruises offers a Total Refresh Oackage including all premium non-alcoholic drinks for a surcharge of € 6,- per person per day or our Total Pack which includes all premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for a surcharge of € 14,- per person per day.
  • Board card / Payment on board: During embarkation you will receive your board card. This card serves as a key for your cabin, as a security device during shore excursions and as a method of payment for all expenses on board (drinks, purchases at the shops, booking of shore excursions etc.). The evening before the end of the cruise, you can decide whether you want to pay the bill in cash or by credit card.
  • Credit card / Payment on board: You can decide whether you want to pay your onboard account in cash or by credit card. The following credit cards will be accepted on board: VISA, MasterCard, American Express.
  • Currency on board: In European waters, the EURO is used as onboard currency. Elsewhere (Caribbean), the onboard currency is in US dollars.
  • Dress code: On formal evenings, women should wear cocktail dresses, ball gowns or elegant costumes. Men are recommended to wear dark suits or dinner jackets. Of course you can also dress smart casual, but swimwear and short trousers are not allowed at the restaurants after 7 p.m. If you want to use our sporting facilities, we recommend bringing appropriate clothes and shoes. An overnight laundry service is available at reasonable prices.
  • Electrical connections: The electrical voltage is 220V (alternating current) so that you can use electrical devices such as razors, hairdryers and curling irons without an adaptor.
  • Emergency drill: For the unlikely case of an emergency, each passenger is obliged to take part in the emergency drill. Information will be given via the onboard magazine, the onboard TV and loudspeaker announcements. Information for emergency situations can be found at your cabin door.
  • Entry requirements: Each passenger must have a passport which is valid for at least six months after the end of the voyage. This regulation applies to all voyages with Pullmantur Cruises. An identity card is not sufficient even for cruises within the EU. Children are required to have their own passport. Furthermore, passengers must meet the entry requirements of all ports of call. Please contact your consulate for more information. Please note that the names indicated in your travel documents, cruise tickets and passport must be identical.
  • Gratuities: The gratuities are already included in the cruise fare. If you want to give extra gratuities to the room service or your maître d‘, you can do so in person.
  • Hand luggage: Please carry your travel documents, passports, important medication and valuables in your hand luggage as you must hand off your luggage upon embarkation. Please take in mind the luggage regulations of your airline.
  • Insurance: Travel insurance is not included in the cruise fare. We recommend taking our travel cancellation, traveler’s third party liability, travel and accident insurance.
  • Internet / Communication at sea: All ships of Pullmantur Cruises are equipped with internet cafés which offer several minute packages at the following rates: 250 minutes: 50 € (0.20 €/min.) ǀ 100 minutes: 30 € (0.30 €/min.) ǀ 60 minutes: 21 € (0.35 €/min.) ǀ 30 minutes: 12 € (0.40 €/min.)
    Caribbean & South America: 250 minutes: 74.95$ ǀ 100 minutes: 39.95$ ǀ 60 minutes: 28.95$ ǀ 30 minutes: 15.95$
    In addition you can use our “Pay as you go”-rates: 0.45€/minute ǀ 0.60$/minute (Caribbean & South America)
    During a voyage with Pullmantur Cruises you are able to be contacted by telephone. The costs are about 10 € per minute. Just dial 001 732 335-3275 to be connected with the respective ship. Please note that you will be addressed in Spanish.
    Prices are subject to change. Please contact us directly to receive the current prices for your cruise.
  • Languages on board: The languages on board are Spanish and English.
  • Laundry service: Travel insurance is not included in the cruise fare. We recommend taking our travel cancellation, traveler’s third party liability, travel and accident insurance.
  • Luggage regulations: At the port you’ll hand off your luggage to our service staff who will deliver the luggage to your cabin about two hours after embarkation. Please attach a luggage tab containing your name to each piece of luggage. We recommend carrying medication, jewelry and other valuables in your hand luggage. Items that may cause heat or fire (e.g. irons, cooking plates, candles, incense sticks) are not allowed on board. Other items not allowed on board as they are a risk for other passengers or their property include weapons and inflammatory stuff. These items will be confiscated by the security staff and further action will be taken. Items such as diving knives must be declared upon embarkation. They will be kept by the security staff as long as they are not used ashore. It is not allowed to bring perishable foods which require special storage or any kind of animal except of guide dogs announced in advance.
  • Meal times: When you choose your cabin on board Pullmantur Cruises you also decide for a meal time at one of the main restaurants where breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served. You can choose between an early meal time at 7.30 p.m. and a late meal time at 9.45 p.m. Of course you can also dine at the buffet restaurant.
  • Medical care: Should you need medical care on board, you can contact our medical staff round the clock. Our doctors have experience in the fields of emergency medicine and general medicine. The costs will be charged to your onboard account. An additional invoice is recommended so that your health insurance or your travel insurance provider can reimburse the expenses. We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance.
  • Passengers with restricted mobility: All our ships have accessible areas and cabins. Passengers who need a wheelchair or special arrangements at their cabin should inform upon reservation whether the requirements can be met. The ships only have limited number of accessible cabins. Please indicate the type of disability upon reservation. Passengers who need assistance must be accompanied by an assistant as such services are not available on board. Passengers must bring their own wheelchair which must be able to be kept in the cabin. We recommend using a collapsible wheelchair. Please indicate the size of the wheelchair before the beginning of the cruise. For security reasons, passengers who need a wheelchair can’t travel on tender boats. Several ports may not be visited due to ebb and flow.
  • Passport: see "Entry requirements"
  • Pregnancy: Only pregnant women who have not surpassed the 24th week of pregnancy by the end of the cruise are allowed on board. A confirmation of your doctor which indicates that mother and child are well and that the mother is allowed to travel and that excludes a high-risk pregnancy must be submitted.
  • Sea sickness: Cases of sea sickness are a rarity on board. Our ships are adapted to all kinds of sea conditions. But should you feel sick nevertheless, you can buy medication on board. In additions, each ship has a medical center where doctors and nurses are available round the clock.
  • Safe: Each cabin is equipped with a safe for which you can enter a personal code.
  • Services not included / Additional costs: The following services are not included in you cruise fare: Beverages of the Premium All-Inclusive-Package, purchases in the shops, telephone calls, faxes, internet access, e-mails and select services at your onboard TV, facials and treatments at the spa, additional entertainment options such as courses in  arts and crafts, medical treatments, visas.
  • Shore excursions: : In most ports of call, Pullmantur offers a multitude of shore excursions with a Spanish guide. The shore excursions can be booked on board. For large groups, excursions with an English guide can be requested. Debarkation will take about 30 minutes. Please make sure that you return to your ship in time for departure.
  • Smokers / Non-smokers: All public areas on board our ships are non-smoking areas. Smoking is also not allowed in the cabins, on private balconies, in the corridors and in or in front of elevators. Furthermore, there is a strict no-smoking-rule at the restaurants. Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas.
  • Souvenirs: A vast selection of souvenirs and gifts can be found at our onboard shops. If you want to buy souvenirs ashore, please note the import wildlife conservation regulations. Articles such as spirits will be kept by the staff until debarkation.
  • Spa & Beauty Salon: A vast selection of souvenirs and gifts can be found at our onboard shops. If you want to buy souvenirs ashore, please note the import wildlife conservation regulations. Articles such as spirits will be kept by the staff until debarkation.
  • Tender: A vast selection of souvenirs and gifts can be found at our onboard shops. If you want to buy souvenirs ashore, please note the import wildlife conservation regulations. Articles such as spirits will be kept by the staff until debarkation.
  • Travel documents: You will receive your travel documents about 7 days before departure. Please check your documents as soon as possible.
  • Vaccinations: In general, you should inform about vaccinations, prophylaxis and health risks such as thrombosis, infections as early as possible. Please note the information provided by health authorities, doctors specialized in travel medicine and tropical diseases or medical information services. Vaccinations against tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis A, polio, cholera and typhus are generally recommended. Please contact your family doctor for more information.
  • Valuables: Of course you don’t want to travel without your camera, jewelry and other valuables. But please note that Pullmantur Cruises assumes no liability for valuables that you keep in your cabin or your luggage or that you leave in public spaces. We strongly recommend using the safe at your cabin.
  • Visa regulations: Please note that embarkation may be denied if your travel documents are incomplete or if a visa is missing. Whether you need visas for your cruise depends on the ports of call. If a visa is required, you must get the visa even if you don’t go ashore. The passenger is responsible for getting the visas needed and for meeting the entry requirements for all ports of call. This information is subject to changes.
  • Visitors: No visitors will be accepted on board our ships. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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